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Turning the Tide
Robert Poku
You cannot make any headway, until you invoke the power of God to turn the tide in your own life.
Papeberback book 13,100 words, 90 pages, format 200 x 140 x 6mm

The Art of Making Music
To God's Glory
Samira Otung
This book is not just a practical guide but also enlightening, thought-provoking and inspirational. 'The Art of Making Music to God's Glory' is for all interested in building Christ's church
Papeberback book 13,780 words, 106 pages, format 200 x 140 x 6mm

Virtuous Woman
Stella Adekunle
A Virtuous Woman - her price is far above rubies. In this book Stella shows every woman the way the becoming a 'Virtuous Woman'.
Papeberback book 21,503 words, 206 pages, format 200 x 140 x 11mmmm

Selected Sermons
Rev Dr Ben Yemoh
This book presents the late Dr Ben Yemoh's meticulous and methodical approach to sermon preparation.

no wilderness - no canaan
Stella T Adekunle
The Chritian's journey to paradise must pass through the wilderness of trials and testing, by this the genuiness of our faith is prooved.

Surviving this wilderness is the subject of Stell's latest book.

No Way Out
Keys to Avoiding Suicide
Dr Carla Cornelius
'No Way Out' is a psycho-spiritual appeal to hurting humanity in the hopes of preventing tragic deaths by suicide, through a mix of study and reflective exercises the reader is guided to finding the capacity to take charge of their own lives.
Papeberback book 19,766 words, 174 pages, format 200 x 140 x 9mm

Defeating Your Giants
Rev Albert O Olorunleye
Giants come in different forms and are no respecter of persons. Giants can be experienced in our marriages, careers, the Church, and, in fact, in all facets of life. The good news is that they can be defeated.
Papeberback book 20,275 words, 124 pages, format 200 x 140 x 8mm

Believer's Aid
Daily Dose Prayer Book
Rev Alex Sackey
Struggling to pray? Leading Prayer Meetings? Want to flex your 'prayer muscles' even futher? No matter the situation or prayer need, Rev Alex has prepared a prayer guide for you.

The Art of Servanthood
Isaac Benjamin-Nyarko
In his first book "The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow" Isaac gave us a deep insight into the significance of God's relationship with Noah and the rest of the world. This time, Isaac is leading us into the relevance of genuine Christian conduct and true leadership. This dynamic Man of God dares to challenge the ways of the world with the doctrines of Jesus Christ, so that we will capture the importance of God's principles and the powerful legacy that Christ left behind.

Step Out
Robert Poku
This book encourages you to activate your faith in order to overcome your limitations in life. It outlines in simple but practical terms how you can identify God's power in you to turn around your life for the better