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Witness - Small Group or Personal Studies.

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When the Proof Copy is approved everything is ready for the first print run.

Book Manufacturing Cost


When we send the Proof Copy we also advise you on the Manufacturing Cost and a range we feel appropriate for the Retail Price. This decision is yours, and you can set the price as you wish, within, above or below the range we suggest, you are in control.

Print Runs


We are a 'Print on Demand' printer, which means there is no need to agonise over how many books to print, the price we have quoted you is the same for 1 copy as for 10,000 copies. This is a Kingdom Business and like all things of the Kingdom of God it is different to the world who will charge you a premium for a short run, and sadly we see this with other Self Publishers who offer a sliding scale of author price based on the volume you order. We consider this to be a non-sense.

We encourage authors to carefully consider how many they will sell at a time, we can produce and have available for collection/posting books within a few days of your order, so there is no need for you to purchase and hold stocks for your own sales. If you have an event approaching then it is sensible to have a few more in your stock to sell but we cannot see a good reason to have more than 30 in your stock at a time - unless you have some special circumstances.

We will discuss your order pattern with you at the appropriate time