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Book Design


The Book Designer has two roles, firstly the Cover and Secondly the Internal Layout and in both we use the industry standard Adobe InDesign which allows us great flexibility in design layout and also outputs the high specification print file required by our digital printer.

The Cover


At an early stage the Designer will discuss with you your thoughts for the book cover. From this two alternate designs will be prepared. You will review these and add your thoughts and from these we will develop the final cover design.

The Internal Layout


The completed manuscript will be laid out in the book at the page size agreed. The Designer will provide you with a guide of standard text fonts paragraph styes etc from which you choose your favorite. If you have a particular font in mind which is not within our standards discuss this with your Designer and see if this can be used. The key element here is to ensure that the reader has a clear text to read.

If you have tables, images, photographs these have to be carefully laid out to ensure they sit and flow with the text.

Proof Copy


The final stage of design is that we manufacture a copy of your book and send it to you. As far as we are aware we may be the only Publisher doing this, some send an author a pdf file of the layout but we believe your final decisions are best made with the physical book in your hand.

On receipt of your Proof Copy we will ask you to read it one final time and note in it any corrections which need to be made. These corrections are made and we are ready to print.

Don't worry if you subsequently find a typo or other error or some minor change to the script you need to make. Keep a note of these and send them to us so we can update the master file so that the next time we print copies the modifications have been made.