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Witness - Small Group or Personal Studies.

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Our Proposal To You


Each proposal is unique to you for this book. Authors who have written several books with us find the assessment changes from Bok to Book, we hope that those you repeatedly work with us improve over time, this is certainly our aim to help people to perform to the best of the skills they have.

The proposal document extends to about 20 pages because it contains everything you need in order to make your decision including:

Authors Financial Contribution

The JJP Model is a co-publishing model, there are three other primary publishing model see here for more information. The JJP model involves us entering a partnership in which provide a professional service which you pay only a small portion of the cost we are looking at a long term relationship with you and your book and hope that we will benefit in the longer term from it's success.

Editors assessment

We carry out an assessment of three chapters of your book and provide an honest assessment of your writing style. More details can be found here.

Book Costing

Based on a suggested book format we provide an initial evaluation of the cost of manufacture, an evaluation of likely retail price.

Royalty Presentation

Based on the book costing we include an illustration of royalty income you might expect form each sales channel.

Our Process

We walk you through all the stages which follow your decision to proceed with us, this includes, Programme, manuscript Editorial, Cover Design, Layout Design, Proof Copy & Sign Off and Promotion of the book.

Publishing Agreement

We require authors to enter into a Publishing Agreement with us for an initial period of three years, it is during this period we would hope to recoup the investment we have made in the production of your book.

We have sought to keep the Agreement as simple as possible as this is a matter between Brethren in Christ and any disagreement is to be resolved according to the Biblical principals of grace as we see in 1 Corinthians 6:7 and in the event that such a disagreement cannot be resolved that a nominated Christian person be consulted and their decision taken as binding.

About JJP

We wan you to know about s, why we have been called to this work, and the ways in which we are different.