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It's been a long road, much hard work, research, writing and re-writing of your work but at last you can put down your pen, switch off your computer your book is ready for publishing!

Well that's probably how you want to see it, but there is still a great deal of work to do before its ready for your readers. The most important requirement is editing. Yes even though you have lavished love and care on your work a professional edit will be required.

A Professional Edit does not just checks spelling and grammar the editor is looking to ensure a consistent voice throughout, that there are no repetitions or missing passages. They will see your book with entirely different eyes, 'what does the author

The first question is how are you going to get it published? there are various publishing models and if you visit our Publishing Models page we have noted them for you, and do encourage you to look at them for yourself. The JJP Model is different combining what we see as the best aspects of each from an Author's point of view.

Before you submit your manuscript to anyone make sure that you have a safe fair copy on record and backed up. We recommend that you check our Manuscript Guidelines