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You and Your Editor


The first thing your editor will want to do is to meet you, preferably face to face if not a skype or telephone conversation. We want to know you as a person, to gain an understanding of your thinking, your theological perspective, what you want to convey. This meeting is very important, the skill of an editor is not just to get the spelling, syntax and language construction but more importantly than in doing this the author's own voice is not lost in all of this.

An author recently commented 'a friend read my book and said he could hear and see me as he read' this is what we aim for, that your work carries your voice and is not sanitised.

The editor will provide you with a detailed guide on how to respond to the edit process and will always be on hand by phone or email to assist you.

Editing is a challenging process and it is part of our mandate not only to improve your manuscript but to challenge you on its content. We will read as if a first time reader, we will where necessary encourage you to justify statements, we will challenge if we think you are misquoting or stretching scripture beyond that which the context will permit.

There are a few situations where we will require the removal of text in your manuscript where if we find it to be heretical or blasphemous or contrary to the Bible text, but so far there have been no cases where we have had to do so. The parameters of limitation are set out in the Proposal Document so that there is no misunderstanding on this matter.

Once you and your editor are satisfied that the manuscript is ready for layout it will pass to design to change it into a book.