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Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service you purchase from a provider, in effect you rent space on a computer which is permanently connected to the internet for the surpose of 'serving' your web site to visitors. You can purchase web hosting from a number of providers, we recommend who we have used since the mid 90's and have found them to be reliable and importantly still here!

What will you need? A domain name and a web hosting service.

Domain Name

Our domain name is it is comprised of thee parts

www standing for world wide web which is generally set to 'implied' today,

name jesusjoypublishing which describes you, your business, ministry and is chosen by you. It is advisable to try and keep this short as longer names can easily be mistypes and vsitors will not be able to find you.

domain extension or .com there are literally dozens available. More information about domain names can be found on the 123-reg site.

The domain extension needs careful selection taking note of the annual prices which can vary considerably yet it is no more than an address. At you will be able to enter your desired name and they will then tell you which domain extensions are available and the price.

When booking hosting at 123-reg you will also find that one or more domain names are free with a hosting package.

Web Hosting

All web hosting companies offer a range of services, unless you are planning a very large site, say more than 500 pages, the 'starter package' at 123-reg will be sufficiant for you, you can alwasy upgrade later.

Web Hosting is where your individual web pages are stored and 'served' to you visitors, known as 'clients' in the jargon!

When booking web hosting choose the 'linux' option and not windows, it will not matter when you are designing a web site as the software knows which format but linux allows efficient use of databases and background programming lanuage we are familiar with.


When you book web hosting with 123-reg you will also have email hosting, up to 100 email addressses in their starter package, so you can start to receive emails personalised with your domain name.

Domain Name and Hosting Software Design & Maintenance



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