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Design Software

We believe in empowering people, thus we offer the solution by which we prepare the initial design which you then take over and manage for yourself.

There are many software packages on the market, some hosting sites have their own 'design a site' today solutions. We use either Adobe Dreamweaver which is the industry standard or Serif WebPlus.

The professional tool Dreamweaver takes much training and experience to use, it does however result in 'state of the art' web sites which run quickly, efficiently and so maximising the visitor experience. Dreamweaver providers the web designer with a range of tools to speed the process. It is not though a package for the feint hearted nor the even a gifted amateur to undertake lightly.

If you wish us to maintain your web site we will probably use Dreamweaver to design your site.

WebPlus is an excellent wysiwyg [what you see is what you get] tool which is intuitive to the web designer and in our experience is one which someone with basic computer skills, experience of say word can quickly learn and from which to make excellent websites. It contains a number of tools which enable quite advanced sites to be developed. WebPlus produces web sites which run well, look good and are able to be maintained without a great deal of specialist knowledge.

If we are to develop a site which you will takeover and run then WebPlus is the product. WebPlus is part of a suite of programmes offered by Serif, we have used this range of product for nearly 25 years and have found them excellent intuitive tools which integrate with one another and highly recommend their core range PagePlus, DrawPlus, PhotoPlus, MoviePlus and of course WebPlus.

The difference between these two tools is that which you might expect between a midrange car and a executive top of the range with all the options, and this is reflected in the prices.

Domain Name and Hosting Software Design & Maintenance

The Serif Suite

WebPlus X5 PagePlus X6 DrawPlus X5 MoviePlus X6 PhotoPlus X5