Hilary Hartley

Hilary trained as a radiographer and called into the ministry of a Minister’s wife, Hilary discovered her poet’s voice whilst participating in a Creative writing workshop at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre in Sussex.
Since then, she has been waxing poetically and prolifically. Her poetry is remarkable because she has the ability to find meaning in everyday occurrences and derive inspiration from the challenges of coping with her own hearing impairment as well as her husband’s illness. He was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour six months after they were married, and has suffered ill health for the last 40 years of their married life.
Hilary is currently the editor of the newsletter for the Carers Christian Fellowship which is published quarterly. Many of her poems are showcased within its pages.

Book Shelf

A Drift of Angel Wings – conversations with God

This personal anthology will especially appeal to carers like Hilary who are prone to exhaustion and despair; or indeed anyone facing a crisis who cannot yet see
the light at the end of the tunnel.

66 poems under headings of Meditation, Observation, Communication and Emotion.