Rev Albert Olorunleye

Pastor Albert Olugbenga (‘Gbenga) Olorunleye is a pioneering minister and founder of CAC King’s Tabernacle International, after serving as an Assembly Pastor for two of the parishes in Christ Apostolic Church in London.

He is a prophetic preacher and teacher who articulates the word of God hermeneutically to make a great impact in the lives of his listeners. He also has a passion to cater to the needy and less priviledged people in society both locally and abroad.

He holds a DBA Business Adminstration, Diploma in Marketing (MCIM), Mcom/PGD in Marketing and a Masters in Theology.

He is happily married to Victoria and they have four children – Grace, Victor, Hope and Faith.

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Defeating Your Giants

Giants come in different forms and are no respecter of persons. Giants can be experienced in our marriages, careers, the Church, and, in fact, in all facets of life. The good news is that they can be defeated.