Minister Joan Shurland

One night an armed gang broke into Joan’s house in Jamacia, shot her son dead and then shot and left Joan for dead. By a miracle the bullet passed from her ear to her eye socket missing her brain.
Joan fled from her native Jamacia and came as a refugee to the UK, God has said to her “I will take you, a little girl from the Ghetto of Jamaica and make you to be a Woman of Dignity in the UK.”
She is a mother of five and grandmother to six children. Joan says ‘Since I was a little girl, I loved to write, read and sing, and I experienced peace of mind whenever I was engaged in any of them; but I soon realised writing had a stronger hold on me.’

Book Shelf

A Phenomenal Covenant Marriage

Joan offers a realistic plan to couples which can restore and regenerate their marriages, as well as take them to another level. A relationship is based not on one person, but on the two becoming one.