Rev Alex Sackey

Rev Alex Sackey is head Pastor of Christian Faith Church International, London. Gifted as a Bible teacher, his ministry edifies and encourages believers with godly counsel and prayer, yielding many testimonies all over the globe.

He is also the host and founder of ‘In His Presence Global Prayer Ministry’ – a morning prayer line from Monday to Saturday which brings transformation to the lives of believers.

Currently the prayer director for ‘Liberty International Network Europe’ [LINE], a group charged with bringing together churches in Europe, for the advancement of the Kingdom.

He is also a trained pharmacist whose service in the British Army has given him a vibrant prayer ministry where there is an understanding of the rules of engagement on how to counteract the enemy whether it be physical or spiritual.

Book Shelf

Believer’s Aid – daily dose prayer book

Struggling to pray? Leading Prayer Meetings? Want to flex your ‘prayer muscles’ even further? No matter the situation or prayer need, Rev Alex has prepared a prayer guide for you.