Idowu Owoyemi is the Director of The Return Advocacy International Network in Essex, England. He engages mainly in itinerant activities around the world to propagate Christ’s return and enhance believers’ preparedness. He is the host of ‘The Strong Tower’, ‘Join This Chariot’, and ‘Moment of Liberty’ on the media platform Endtime Advocacy Network.

Idowu and his wife, Yetunde, are blessed with three wonderful sons.

Idowu’s website can be found here.


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Religious Deception – be not ignorant of their ways

The trajectory into unsound biblical teaching, heresy and mythical practices being promoted by some of the church’s most popular leaders, is deeply concerning and should trouble every true believer. This book identifies some of these concerns, and aims to sensitise its readers to the dangers of strange new ideas, which may sound right but actually divert people from the ‘narrow way’.

The ostensible business mentality disguised as Christian ministry has led to the spread of greed by self-conceited preachers who promote human philosophies over truth, and make spurious promises of God’s blessings to deceive the people. This book warns believers to avoid the deception being peddled by these clever spiritual manipulators with self-promoting titles, whose plan is to distort true biblical theology and impose their own ideology on the church.

This is the first book in the End-Times Delusions trilogy.

Available direct from Idowu here.