About Carla & Michael

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God is our CEO. He has provided all the physical resources as well as the inspiration and continuing direction for the business. This is His work and we are privileged to be along for the ride.

Carla is our Managing Director. She holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Law and a Doctorate in Biblical Counselling. Carla is responsible for the overall direction of the business while focusing on the publishing aspects. As an author herself, she recognises the importance of professional editing in order that the message is clearly conveyed to the target audience.

Michael is our Operations Director. Following nearly twenty years in corporate life, and a further fifteen working as a business consultant specialising in the optimisation of commercial supply chains and providing short term locum executive support to many businesses he is now fully focussed on the development of JJP, where he is responsible for the operational aspects of design, production and distribution. He is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the business.

Dr Carla has a Doctorate in Biblical Counselling, with a particular focus on the suicide prevention and is Director of the SINAVO [Suicide is not a viable option] Project and comments on current affairs through her own blogging site Culture Detox and weekly on The Christian Examiner. Michael is a also Christian Counsellor and together they counsel couples whose marriages are in difficulty, believing that God has the answer to rapid restoration and healing of damaged relationships, and not just marriage His word is faithful and applicable for every situation in life, it carries the answers if we will only deploy it in our circumstances.

They open their home on a regular basis for Bible Study to all who wish to come, on Thursdays they travel to Manchester were they host, in various homes, in-depth Bible Studies. Sundays they lead worship at their House Fellowship, they also receive invitations to lead worship at Denominational, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. Prior to moving to Norton le Moors they were both Methodist Local Preachers.

Married in 2005 following a God-induced, whirlwind romance, they have both been on a steep learning curve as God has prepared them for the ministry of Jesus Joy Publishing.