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JJP is a God-inspired business venture which has come to fruition from the seed of a prophetic word given to Michael and Carla on several occasions in the past.

It is a branch of Jesus Joy Ministries with a focus on publishing and printing to ensure the accuracy and excellence of the literary, spoken and visual media.

It is for those who may be new to publishing or have had unsatisfactory experiences with publishing in the past. We are particularly interested in first-time authors who may have lacked the confidence to get published in the past or have been turned down by mainstream publishers.

It allows Christians with a message designed to challenge, edify and inspire to publish small amounts of their work in a variety of formats – paperback, CD, DVD, magazines, podcast, booklet.

We offer a new paradigm in publishing whereby you can pay as you go for as little or as many as you want. Our digital technology allows for small print runs at affordable costs.

We  act as a bridge to large-scale commercial publishing so we offer a personal touch and a joyful delivery of service, not faceless detachment

We support you in bringing your work to life and to the masses so that you realise your God-given talent and dreams with joy.