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Firstly we look to God as our CEO has ordained this work and He alone equips us to be who and what He says we are. We take all that we do in prayer to the Lord, seeking His guidance and will for each precious client.

To always do our very best with the use of our time, skill, resources, and ourselves to God’s glory. ‘To be workers approved by the Lord’

We will not deploy the world’s methods of business, including scale rates based on levels of production – we offer the best possible rate no matter the quantity requested, we also reject excessive profiteering, unsupportable marketing and advertising claims.

To provide a true evaluation of a brother’s or sisters’ work and how this can be delivered into the Christian community to make best use of their God-given talents. Our purpose is to assist them in every way to make an offering to the Lord worthy of their calling.

We will not print or publish any material which is in violation of God’s Holy Scripture, which we affirm to be, in its original form, the inspired word of the Holy Spirit.

We are who God says we are. We reject any accusation of Satan the deceiver to the contrary.