Michael Cornelius

Michael has become a passionate Bible preacher and teacher concerned to bring the truth from the scriptures to the ears of God’s people. 

His primary concern is that all of scripture is balanced, with no place for man’s doctrine or it will result in misunderstanding. Different preachers, denominations and doctrines create a lop-sided presentation based on selective verses whilst ignoring awkward scripture which does not fit. The result so often is incomplete teaching, and this is as dangerous as errant teaching; a half truth is not the truth, and we need the truth to set us free.

With his wife Carla [both previously Methodist preachers], they have established Jesus Joy Publishing – a Kingdom Business. Like everything to do with the Kingdom, it does not work in the same way that the world operates. This has meant Michael reassessing every business method he has learned and used for over 35 years of his corporate and consultancy career.

Book Shelf

Living in a post-modern, western democracy significantly undermines our understanding of a Kingdom. Yet living in The Kingdom is the very hope of every Christian.

Romans 12:2 exhorts us as followers of Jesus Christ to change our very mind-sets, and to not be conformed to this world but be transformed. In ‘Kingdom Thinkers’ Michael challenges us to undergo that transformation by learning to live now as a Kingdom Thinker, thus preparing ourselves for the life to come when we will rule with Christ during His millennium reign on the earth.
Are you ready to change?

‘Kingdom Thinkers’ is a book for those serious about their Christian walk. The Bible provides many positive and negative role models, and Michael challenges us to use their lives as a mirror for our own. This book is full of examples – some drawn from the Bible, others from contemporary Christians and some from his personal experiences.

The Witness Series

The great commission says ‘make all men My disciples’ Michael is convinced this cannot be achieved from a pulpit, only in small groups where understanding can be checked, where questions can be asked and explanations expanded upon. Yet many shy away from leading such groups, unwilling or unable to undertake the necessary preparation, the result is that there are few active Bible teaching groups in our churches.

Witness Series comes in three flavours:

Witness: a six week Bible Study course with all that is necessary for the group leader, including passages, teaching notes, and questions for the group to discuss.

Witness-lite: a briefing on the subject matter available free in pdf format to be downloaded and printed. 

deeper-Witness: an in-depth Bible study of the topic for either personal study time, or for those preparing to lead a group.

More details can be found here at the Witness Series website.

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