Dr Carla Cornelius

Dr. Carla Cornelius considers herself a doctor of the soul. Her Ph.D. in Biblical counselling has equipped her to trace humanity’s problems back to faulty thinking and values which fly in the face of the Maker’s instructions.

She has a passion for exposing the distortions of truth spun by the media and popular culture which leave sick souls in their wake, souls desperately in need of spiritual detoxification. In addition to the books on the subject she has authored she has her own blogging site Culture Detox and is a weekly contributor to The Christian Examiner.

Her doctorate focused on the subject of suicide and developed a biblicaly based protocol to support those feeling suicidal. She is director of the SINAVO Project – Suicide Is Not A Viable Option.

She is Jesus Joy Publishing’s Managing Director and Senior Editor she has a passion to help others deliver that which God has called them to write.

She is a former Methodist lay preacher and is privileged to share the good news of God’s Kingdom wherever she goes.

Book Shelf

Culture Detox – cleansing our minds from toxic thinking

An urgent appeal to detoxify our minds from the corrupting influences and values of our popular culture.

Culture Detox 2 – Celebrate Self not Celebrity

What do Rihanna, Tom Cruise and the Kardashians have in common? They have hundreds of millions of fans and followers all over the world. The average person seems to know more about them, despite never having met them, than their own grandmother.

Captive Daughters – breaking the chains

If you’ve ever questioned your role as a woman in modern society or questioned the stereotypes currently in vogue, then this book is for you. It invites you to reflect on current trends, re-examine their validity, then finally break free of their constraining influences.

Leaving Normal – the journey of a mother and son with autism

When Carla wrote a letter to her son, the day after his birth, she had no idea what her promise of maternal devotion would actually entail. She did not anticipate the diagnosis which was just around the corner, and how her life would be turned upside down; nor did she anticipate how much this baby would captivate her heart, and what a fascinating young man her son would grow up to be.

No Way Out – keys to avoiding suicide

‘No Way Out’ is a psycho-spiritual appeal to hurting humanity in the hopes of preventing tragic deaths by suicide, through a mix of study and reflective exercises the reader is guided to finding the capacity to take charge of their own lives.

Time for Me – encouragement for carers

Every carer, whether family, friend or support worker, needs a daily dose of inspiration to help them face the challenges of caring with fortitude and patience while retaining their sanity. If you fall into this category, this is just the resource for you.