Isaac Benjamin-Nyarko

Isaac passionately believes in his talents and gifts, and has a unique reverence for the principles of Christ. This very gifted young man has experienced the miraculous power of God in many ways and is being used by God to bring an effectual change to the Kingdom.

It all began one night when Isaac had a visitation from an angel of the Lord. After that first experience, he was visited again by more angels who ministered to him and showed him some wonderful things. Through his encounter with the angels of the Lord, Isaac was blessed with the gift of music. Through music and song writing, Isaac developed the skill to write books which strongly defend and uphold the Divine values of God. Isaac believes that by the grace of God, his songs and books can be powerful tools of deliverance to emancipate believers across the world.

He hopes that all his work in the Lord will encourage all Christians and help to transform lives all over the world, to God’s glory.

Isaac was recently interviewed on OmegaLive TV you can listen to his life changing testimony here.

Book Shelf

The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow

For too long the account of Noah has been taken for granted often perceived as a man-made story for children!
Isaac dares to challenge and remove the stigma about The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow in order to unveil the Divine truth which has been misunderstood for centuries.

Discipleship – The Art of Servanthood

In his first book “The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow” Isaac gave us a deep insight into the significance of God’s relationship with Noah and the rest of the world. This time, Isaac is leading us into the relevance of genuine Christian conduct and true leadership. This dynamic Man of God dares to challenge the ways of the world with the doctrines of Jesus Christ, so that we will capture the importance of God’s principles and the powerful legacy that Christ left behind.

The Test and The Victory

In life, we all have our weaknesses and strengths, our fears and aspirations. There are things that inspire us to do what we are meant to do, as well as things that tempt us to do what we are not supposed to do. Therefore, it is important that we learn how and when to rise above our flaws and doubts in order to conquer the limitations that hinder us.

Whoever or whatever is preventing you from fulfilling your destiny, can be destroyed. This is clearly seen in the life of David who gained the power to kill his Goliath and the wisdom to avoid the wiles of King Saul.

As you read this book, may you grow closer to God, and apply the knowledge to experience a remarkable turnaround. May victory be yours to hold in the palm of your hands.