Rev Robert Poku

Rev. Robert Poku is one of ‘God’s Generals’ called to effect change in the life of many people. He is a counsellor and a pastor at Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church, UK. He has a passion for prayer and is the Head of the Prayer Department at Christian Eye Media. He is married to Naomi and they are blessed with four children.

Book Shelf

Step Out

This book encourages you to activate your faith in order to overcome your limitations in life. It outlines in simple but practical terms how you can identify God’s power in you to turn around your life for the better. A lot of people believe that it takes special grace to get God’s attention. But the good news is that everyone, including you, can access God’s presence. 

You only need to ride on the wheels of the little faith you have. Jesus invites us – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” [Matthew 11:28]

Make a choice to Step Out, Cry Out and Reach Out in faith to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the ‘Author and Finisher’ of our faith. As you read this book, it’s my prayer that it impacts your thoughts and attitudes positively and lifts you out of the doldrums of fear, intimidation and a poor self-image.

Turning The Tide

A sudden rise of a tide would make sailing very difficult. In Exodus 17:11 we see how Moses invoked the power of God on the mountain to win the battle in favour of Israel. You cannot make any headway, until you invoke the power of God to turn the tide in your own life.

This book was written to highlight the importance of praying, fasting, studying and invoking the Word and how these can be used as tools for a supernatural turnaround in your circumstances. It is Robert’s prayer that as you read this book, the hand of God will change your circumstances to your favour.

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