Richard Broadhurst

Richard is a family man with five children. He worked as a chartered engineer, and has been a Christian for over sixty years, dedicating much of his free time to youth ministry, and later to church eldership. Over these years he daily read the Bible, made notes, and added to these what he heard, read and experienced. This material, now in many notebooks, formed the basis of this life-changing message with the aim of helping its readers find the ‘Best Life’.

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Introduction to Life’s Answer – a life changing message of assurance and challenge

We all need a reason to get up in the morning, a driving force or motive within ourselves to spur and encourage us every day. Ultimately, people are looking for some form of gain, adventure, fulfilment, enjoyment or challenge, and this may be expressed as a search for the way to get the best out of life, or to make a new start.  The above quest will be of interest to a range of people – from the mildly curious to the eager seekers who consider that there must be more to life than they have found so far. The author’s experiences have enabled him to address and relate to these yearnings, and point to the answer to achieving them through a good and worthwhile life. So if these thoughts are of interest to you, then look no further – the answer is found here through carefully considering and acting on a series of steps that apply to all, whatever their background.

Life is this All? – a life changing journey of discovery

The author leads you on a journey to discover the ‘Best Life’, and makes the strong case that it is to be found in the Christian Faith. He then continues to support readers who embark on this new life venture by providing hope, purpose and the knowledge of a wonderful, assured destiny which awaits them. This book will also benefit those who wish to look into the Faith, as it contains a summary of all its main elements set out in a progressive way.