Bishop Michael Adoasi

Mike Adoasi was born in Ghana in 1958, to a godly mother who took him to church regularly. This early exposure to the Christian family prepared him for his later conversion and calling at the age of 24.

He felt the call of God to ministry the very day he gave his life to Christ. At the altar of God he heard the call to preach. “I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places” [Isaiah 45:3]

This word of assurance from the Lord has proved faithful throughout his ministry. He founded Triumphant Global Ministries now with branches in Kennington, London (UK)  Korfiridua, (Ghana) Tema (Ghana), Barcelona (Spain) Sutton (UK), Sandhurst (UK), Geisinkirchen (Germany), Kumasi (Ghana) and Greensborough (USA).

Book Shelf

Marriage – Paradise Restored

Marriage is a war that couples must win. This war is against invisible foes whose goals are to subvert homes and derail the plan of God for families. Satan, the arch-enemy of marriage, knows that a successful marriage honours God, because it originated from Him for the betterment of mankind. Homes and families are the by-products of marriages, hence the constant assault on them by this invisible foe.
To quit one’s marriage is to surrender a great inheritance. In this generation of ‘instant’ quick fixes, people’s expectations of the perfect partner are unrealistic. Unfortunately, they only exist in the fantasy world.
Marriage requires hard work to arrive at the utopia we all dream about. This book will surely deepen your commitment to your marriage vows.

Faith – My Legacy

Recently, I woke up with the Spirit of the Lord all over me, like the dew on the branches of a tree. Then I heard the ‘Gentle Dove’ chirping on the same branches –  the word was “Mandate.”  I asked myself – what is the Spirit up to? Then He asked, “What is mandate?” Before I could answer, the second question was posed –  “What is your mandate?”

I knew straight away that I was on a long, winding journey with the Spirit of teaching. I began to search in my inner man for the meaning of the word. Then, as if in an attempt to complicate matters, I heard Him say clearly – “Do you know that success is fulfilling your mandate?”

“An exhilarating and supremely written book on faith. Every jot, tittle and blade is covered to aid you on the journey. A brilliant and grippingly spectacular exposé on faith that will leave you longing for more. A thumping masterpiece on faith!”[Rev. Eugene Osei, Pastor, International Speaker and Author of ‘Breaking Barriers: To the Fulfilment of your Vision]