Rev Stella Adekunle

Stella Adekunle was called into the service of God from her mother’s womb, according to her mother. This was followed by other prophecies. She is empowered to intercede for those in spiritual captivity and was anointed by God as a vessel for His end-time assignment. 

She is the Founder and General Overseer of Sword of the Spirit Evangelical Outreach (SSEO) UK. 
The ministry started with the printing of Evangelism Tracts written by Stella – this gave birth to SSEO. Many churches have benefited from these tracts which they used for their own evangelism. To God be the glory – testimonies, signs and wonders follow all her ministrations. 

Stella has enjoyed 33 years of happy marriage to Isaac and is blessed with three sons, a daughter and four grandchildren.

Book Shelf

The Mind of A Sage

This book was inspired by the Holy Spirit. He has helped to uncover the works of darkness and to elevate the name of our Lord Jesus Christ which is above all other names.

It throws light on the work of salvation which our Lord Jesus Christ has completed for all the believers on the cross. “For by His grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” [Ephesians 2:8-9] He still demands some effort from us in terms of being faithful to our calling, living holy and carrying our cross on a daily basis.

In this book God’s plan for these end times is revealed and the evil works and strategies of Satan are exposed. It is an eye opener for ‘the wise’ and creates awareness for heavenly candidates

Wilderness – no wilderness no canaan

‘Wilderness’ is one of the most powerful books ever written on the subject of the wilderness experience. It is an invaluable book for believers who are aiming to stand firm in their Christian journey without wavering in faith.

It contains a deep revelation and provides comprehensive material for practising Christians who are facing challenges or oppression from their spiritual Enemy. It focuses on solutions here on earth and helps prepare God’s children to reach their ultimate destination – God’s city, the New Jerusalem.

Virtuous Woman

Virtue may seem an old-fashioned word but it incorporates qualities which would be an asset to any modern woman. Examples of such qualities are right-thinking, honesty and integrity. This book touches on some of the temptations which threaten to ensnare women today, and have caused many women to go astray. It highlights certain women in the Bible who displayed virtue against all odds, and seeks to guide and inspire women to be virtuous themselves in all areas of their lives.

Woman Warefare Weapon

Looking at our world today, the hearts of many women are crying and asking for revenge. Many are wondering where it all went wrong and some allow bitterness, hatred and anger to fester in their minds because of the wounds they incurred from men during courtship or in marriage, and from fathers or father figures.

Some need deliverance from their darkened mind, sorrowful past and faulty foundation, caused by self-error, family background or deception from the chief priests of Satan.

Many women have been tied down and tormented under indescribable bondage and unbearable burdens like the Israelites in the land of Egypt. It’s time for them to experience freedom and gain deliverance from witchcraft and the marine kingdom to enjoy the life that Jesus came to give in abundance (John 10:10).