Rev Dele Ashaye

Dele Ashaye is a Science Teacher. He was a Head Teacher in Nigeria for sixteen years and has been a minister in ‘Methodist Church Nigeria’ since 1982. 
Since the family relocated to the United Kingdom, he taught in Bristol and later served as a Presbyter with the British Methodist Church in Bristol and Bradford. Now he ministers across denominations and to secular groups within the United Kingdom. 
He is married to Margaret, a Registered Nurse and Child Evangelist. They are blessed with children and grandchildren.

Book Shelf

More Than Vuvuzela Sounds – the buzzing and stings of bees

To the logical mind there is no apparent connection between football, bees and the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Think again. Rev Dele Ashaye manages to connect these seemingly disparate dots in an ingenious way which makes for a book which it is difficult to put down.
The exciting events of the 2010 FIFA World Cup triggered long-buried memories of a near-fatal encounter with bees, and set in motion this intriguing book.