HannaH shares her DA†D [Dream Another Dream] testimony at conferences and events for women, families and young people both here in the UK and overseas. She has shared her testimony on the ‘She Matters’, Revelation TV Show and has also appeared on the Leanne Burke Show. HannaH has been blessed with the rare opportunity as a Christian to share her testimony on the UK’s mainstream television and radio stations such as Channel 4’s ‘4 Thought’ broadcast and she has regularly appeared on the BBC Radio Leicester breakfast Shows from 2010 to 2011. ‘The Voice’ and Jamaica’s ‘Gleaner’ Newspaper also published HannaH’s story. 
As well as an author, HannaH is a recording music minister and is being played on Christian radio stations around the world under the moniker of ‘Flaverz’ in collaboration with Willie Odom Snr. HannaH is currently working on a solo Christian Worship CD which is due for release in 2013.
She has already ministered in Worship at various Christian and Non-Christian events, such as at the Ndoro’s Children’s Charity, before celebrities including Michelle Williams of ‘Destiny Child’ at the Famous Dorchester Hotel, London, England in 2009, and has had her début worship single ‘Apana Sauv Mimi’ (Forget Me Not) played on BBC Radio Leicester.
HannaH’s latest project – the launch of E6 [Ephesians 6] Entertainment and Productions combines her love of the arts, media and young people. It encourages young people to take the gospel into the market places and help listeners and viewers become free from earthly bondages, fall in love with Jesus Christ and rest in His security. HannaH’s Ministry is tailor-made for young people and women; however, over the years she has discovered that men too are uplifted and empowered by her message.
You may wonder why HannaH spells her name the way she does with capital H’s at both ends. 
Her birth name is Anna, but by taking on the name HannaH, she is constantly reminded that everything she has and is doing is for God, just as Hannah dedicated to Samuel to God’s service.
HannaH can’t take credit for the spelling though because the unique spelling came from God as He was the one who showed her the design of HannaH as her logo in a dream and vision. 
The two H’s represented God as her strong towers, and together they also make a bridge. The strong lines closing around her real name ‘anna’ symbolised her protection, her hiding place in Him, to protect her as she worked for Him in the field.

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Whose Report Will You Believe

HannaH was in bondage to so much, helpless to free herself – whose report should she belive – the world’s or God’s?