Drs Agnes & Thomas Odejide

Dr Thomas Odejide [a consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist] and Dr Agnes Odejide [a retired Don and Development Economist] spend their time between the UK and their native Nigeria, where they established and oversee ‘The Living Hope Hospital’ at Ile-Ife and its associated LHH School – ‘Children of Hope’.
Their family 5+3+5, comprise five children, three children-in-love [in-laws] and five grandchildren, some of whom are in the UK, USA and Nigeria.
Their ministry and professional work take them all over the world but they look forward to returning to Nigeria and their work there.

On the eve of their 40th wedding anniversary Thomas and Agnes have set out to share their experience of marriage and family life.

Book Shelf

40 Years After I Said ‘I Do’

Married life is rarely a ‘bed of roses’ but as Thomas and Agnes celebrate their 40th Anniversary they share with us the secrets of their successful and happy marriage.

The Wife of My Youth

Look around and you will be hard-pressed to find a couple who are truly happily married, and after many decades together, it’s even more rare.
Look no further for Thomas and Agnes Odejide are such a couple. After 40 years together they have discovered the secrets and cultivated the skills of harmonious matrimony, and they have been so kind as to share them with the public.
What is their secret?

Mothers – the light of their children’s lives

In ‘Mothers’ Agnes looks at the vital role mothers play in the shaping the lives of their children.
Thomas helps us understand the role of fathers in helping the mother to shine.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage – our experience

Although this concise book is not a sex manual, it serves to debunk some of the common misconceptions and myths couples may retain as they embark on marriage and during the course of marriage.

Better [Not] To Marry? – the challenge and blessing of marriage

Gone are the days when the romance of falling in love was automatically followed by courtship and then the longed-for wedding, society today encourges trial marriage and considerers marrital covenants s disposal commodity, so is it better not to marry?

Hope for Every Barren Couple

This book offers a much-needed dose of hope for couples struggling with infertility.