Rev Peter Hartley

Peter, a war baby was born in Birmingham in 1940. Sadly, his mother passed away when he was only three and a half years old.
His desire as a young man was to go the the foreign ‘mission field’ and, in preparation, he attended Bible College and applied to a number of ‘Missionary Societies’. He was on the point of accepting an appointment when he discerned a ‘check in his spirit’ that he was not to go. Instead he applied for, and was accepted into ministry in the United Reformed Church.

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Pearls out of Pain – a quest for God

Diagnosed in 1972 with a pituitary tumour just six months after his marriage to Hilary. Years of ill health have ensued and out of the struggle of these years ‘Pearls out of Pain’ has been birthed as he sought with God to understand. Peter was a URC minister until ill health led to his eventual early retirement.