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Captive Daughters

Captive Daughters – breaking the chains

Author: Dr Carla Cornelius

At a time when so many advocates and activists are lobbying for the enforcement of women’s rights and trying to improve their socio-economic status across the globe, it would be all too easy for the emotional and spiritual needs of women to be side-lined. Despite the modern woman’s political and educational gains, she still battles certain life-limiting tendencies. Many women are still captive to:
The beauty myth which stems from the misconception that improving their appearance will transform their lives from the outside in, or the belief that their value is determined by how they look.
Choosing inappropriate female role models usually from the glossy industries of entertainment and fashion where style is valued over substance.
Romantic delusions spun by the Hollywood industry where the focus is on ‘boy meets girl’ then they live happily ever after with no real understanding of what it takes to stay married.
Trying frenetically to juggle the myriad roles they undertake while still finding time to nurture their own souls and maintain physical health and well-being.
These are some of the major challenges women face which represent chains which hold them captive. These chains can only be broken by having the courage to tackle long-held mind-sets and savouring the freedom only to be found in truth-centred thinking.