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Culture Detox

Culture Detox – cleansing your mind from toxic thinking

Author: Dr Carla Cornelius

Celebrity culture has burgeoned to almost breaking point, threatening to hijack our minds to absorption with the trivial and the pointless.

How did we get to a point when we know more about a celebrity than our own grandmother?

World events of great significance have been relegated to fine print to make room for scandal-mongering headlines. Consumers of news struggle to discern between relevant news and celebrity gossip and speculation. As a result, the media have whet the public appetite for non-stop entertainment and a desire for fame.

In her book, Culture Detox, Dr. Carla Cornelius urges us to step aside from this cultural madness, long enough to recognise it for the hollow, distorted reality that it is. Unfortunately a simple sip of green tea will not suffice to rid our minds of the toxic thinking to which we have become addicted. Carla examines the roots of our cultural malaise and offers us guidelines on de-junking our minds from the false values of our modern age.

Dr Carla’s blog site Culture Detox you can follower her here, and she has a weekly column on The Christian Examiner commentary website to be found here.