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God, Ministry & Ministers – understanding the basics

Rev Henry Emmauel

It takes someone in ministry to know its peculiar demands, challenges and pit-falls. Cue Rev Henry Emmanuel is a seasoned minister based in UK who has been globe-trotting with the gospel for over 20 years.
In his new book, he calls ministers of the gospel who are in the five-fold ministry or other supporting ministries back to the drawing board to relearn the basics. He urges them to lay aside the approach of ‘business as usual’ and urges them to re-assess their methods and motives as a new decade begins to unfold. It’s not until the end of Henry’s book that you full appreciate why he wrote it. In a dream, God revealed to him the state of his church and warned of impending judgement on the shepherds of the flock, a judgement which Henry was to witness within the course of a year!
The first reminder is that the ministry belongs to God and not man. Henry brings a rarely-mentioned insight to successful ministry cultivating the right relationship with one’s spouse and avoiding hypocrisy which can drain God’s anointing.