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Hope for every barren couple

Hope for every Barren Couple – medical, social and spiritual solutions

Authors: Drs Thomas & Agnes Odejide

This book offers a much-needed dose of hope for couples struggling with infertility. Dr Thomas Odejide combines his medical insights with the cultural and social ramifications identified sympathetically by his wife and co-author, Dr. Agnes. They also offer a spiritual overview drawing on the inspirational biblical accounts of infertility reversed, and the encouragement it brings.

While science and modern medicine has gone a long way in unravelling the medical origin of infertility and barrenness, the social and spiritual issues involved can only be imagined. Only those who have experienced or are experiencing infertility know what they feel which others (including the closest friends and relations) cannot understand.
Only the woman whose menstrual period is a ‘period of mourning’ month after month can understand. Only the man who feels devalued and ridiculed by society because he cannot make his wife pregnant will know the pain of childlessness.