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Kingdom Thinkers

Kingdom Thinkers – becoming transformed in your mind

Author: Michael Cornelius

Living in a post-modern, western democracy significantly undermines our understanding of a Kingdom.
Yet living in The Kingdom is the very hope of every Christian.

Romans 12:2 exhorts us as followers of Jesus Christ to change our very mind-sets, and to not be conformed to this world but be transformed. In ‘Kingdom Thinkers’ Michael challenges us to undergo that transformation by learning to live now as a Kingdom Thinker, thus preparing ourselves for the life to come when we will rule with Christ during His millennium reign on the earth.

Are you ready to change?

‘Kingdom Thinkers’ is a book for those serious about their Christian walk. The Bible provides many positive and negative role models, and Michael challenges us to use their lives as a mirror for our own. This book is full of examples – some drawn from the Bible, others from contemporary Christians and some from his personal experiences.