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Mothers the light of their childrens lives

Mothers – the light of their children’s lives

Author: Dr Agnes Odejide

On the eve of their 40th wedding anniversary Thomas and Agnes have set out to share their experience of marriage and family life. In ‘Mothers’ Agnes looks at the vital role mothers play in the shaping the lives of their children.
How many mothers are thought of as ‘the light of their children’s world’? Do you wonder (like the author) whether your children think of you as a light in their world? As mothers or mothers-to-be, what are the guidelines to follow which make us a light in our children’s world? What is the role of fathers or fathers-to-be in making ‘the light’ (mother) shine all the more? These and other questions of Christian families are addressed in this book.
Here Dr. Agnes Odejide tells the beautiful and moving story of how her mother ‘shaped’ her life through her faith in God and therefore made her what she is today. By inviting her husband, Thomas, to write on the husbands role in making the mother shine more brightly, she has also emphasised the unity of father and mother in the Christian family.