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No Way Out

No Way Out – keys to suicide prevention

Author: Dr Carla Cornelius

‘No Way Out’ is a psycho-spiritual appeal to hurting humanity in the hopes of preventing tragic deaths by suicide. It speaks directly to the hearts of the individuals who are ultimately in charge of their own lives and have the power to decide whether to live or die. It makes a compassionate appeal to those individuals to choose life whilst providing soul-searching keys to breaking free from suicidal tendencies.

Through a mix of study and reflective exercises the reader is guided to finding this capacity to take charge of their own lives.

It makes an ideal, anonymous gift to someone you suspect may be depressed or suicidal since the subject of suicide is still a difficult one to broach. By so doing, you can intervene without invading privacy or causing further distress.

Dr Carla is director of the SINAVO Project [Suicide Is Not A Viable Option].