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Rejection – an Agent of Success – Jesus Joy Publishing

Jesus Joy Publishing

Rejection - an Agent of Success

Samira Otung 
Is a Singer/Songwriter and Motivational Speaker, and the author of ‘The Art of Making Music To God’s Glory’. 

In her role as Pastor, Mentor and Life Coach, she has counselled many who have gone through some of life’s toughest challenges with the understanding that subscribing to a particular faith or none, does not exempt people from suffering from mental health issues.

She draws inspiration to write from her faith in God whilst being a wife, mother, church leader, recording artist and working full time. 

Fun-loving and ever the optimist, Samira seeks to impact the world for good – one day at a time.

In this book, Samira shares with readers her own struggles with the mental pressures that come from rejection, betrayal, loss and victimhood. She shares practical ways to overcome rejection and become the best version of yourself.

The knowledge of God’s existence does not exempt us from rejection. Samira wants readers to take away the truth that we owe it to ourselves to refuse to be overcome by life’s challenges, and to embrace the good news that Rejection can be an Agent of Success.