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Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage – our experience

Authors: Drs Thomas & Agnes Odejide

In this book, Drs. Thomas and Agnes Odejide are brave enough to redress the imbalance in which the culture over-emphasises sex but the church sweeps it under the carpet.
Although this concise book is not a sex manual, it serves to debunk some of the common misconceptions and myths couples may retain as they embark on marriage and during the course of marriage. It has been the authors’ experience, both personally and from observation, that when such mind-sets are addressed and removed, this paves the way for wonderful sexual encounters with one’s spouse. They refocus Christian couples’ attention to the originator of sex, God himself and highlight His joyous plan for sex in marriage.
They also demonstrate where certain aberrations and perversions have undermined God’s plan for sex within marriage and how this has in turn impacted families and society at large.