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The Art of Making Music – Jesus Joy Publishing

Jesus Joy Publishing

The Art of Making Music

The Art of Making Music – to God’s Glory

Author: Pastor Samira Otung

This book is not just a practical guide but also enlightening, thought-provoking and inspirational. ‘The Art of Making Music to God’s Glory’ is for anyone interested in building God’s universal church, which means that every believer can read it and be blessed. It touches on worship being a way we communicate with God; hence, we must learn to truly worship God for ‘Who’ He is and not just praise Him for ‘What’ He has done. Just as lack of communication can cause a total breakdown in any form of relationship, we must understand that lack of true worship can cause a breakdown in our communication with God.

This book guides the readers on how to truly communicate with God through their gift of music. For those readers who may have never seen music in this light, this is truly a revelation worth discovering. Worship is a sacrifice because to truly worship God we have to sacrifice the ‘self’ and be in total surrender to the will of the One whom we seek to worship. Therefore, our ‘sacrifice’ must be acceptable and pleasing to God. This book very importantly teaches on the ‘art’ of presenting our gifts to God in an acceptable and pleasing way using His Word as our Instruction and The Holy Spirit as our Teacher.