V The Olympic Man

V The Olympic Man – aka The Platform

Author: Dele Akinrin

A simple misunderstanding by the edge of a lake, and V (Victor) and Adam find themselves locked up in a police cell overnight. During the course of the night V recounts to Adam the story of how he became known as ‘V The Olympic Man’. It is the story of how a routine jog in a London park propels V to global prominence and turns an unassuming man into one of the most renowned athletes of his generation. The story spans two continents and describes the undying love a man has for his motherland (despite the presence of political repression), his wife and son, and his mentor. The final chapter hopes to pull at the heartstrings of even the most hardened stoics, and romantics will find it an irresistible climax to a book which will provoke a cocktail of emotions.

Unlike the surprising element of Victor’s trajectory to Olympic glory, the author has timed this debut novel to coincide with the Olympic Games 2012 on his home turf of London, England. Although a work of fiction, it poses a lot of questions both spectators and athletes may entertain in the run up to this momentous sporting occasion questions such as what it takes to be a an Olympic athlete, is winning worthwhile at any cost and how can winning an Olympic medal serve as a platform for helping others. Victor’s story is inspirational ultimately because it demonstrates that although not everyone can be a professional athlete and win medals, we can all win at life by using the platform we have, whether big or small, to meet the needs of those around us.