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Wife of my youth

Wife of my youth – an open memo to my wife

Author: Dr Thomas Odejide

In a world where marriages often dissolve and families are torn apart, Drs. Thomas and Agnes Odejide hold up their happy marriage and family life for all to see.
There is much to learn, amaze and amuse from the touching way in which Thomas sings his wife’s praises as he takes a trip down memory lane from their first encounter to our present day some 40 years later on the occasion of this milestone anniversary.
The term ‘wife of my youth’ is borrowed from Proverbs 5:18 but it rolls so readily off the tongue and pen of Thomas as to become his own, unique term of endearment for Agnes. It speaks of the longevity of their life together thus far as well as hearkens back in celebration of all they have endured and enjoyed.
It is clear from this book that Thomas views Agnes in the same captivating way he did when he first laid eyes on her; he sees her as she was and always shall be forever young.