Jesus Joy Publishing

A Drift Of Angel Wings

A Drift of Angels Wings – conversations with God.

Author: Hilary Hartley

Hilary’s poems reflect the depth of her faith and close reliance on God. They remind us that God is everywhere, even in the midst of our pain and confusion. She has been able to find peace and meaning in her most difficult days, and invites the reader to see God in unexpected places and in a refreshing new light.

The reader will emerge from this emotional journey, both soothed and enlightened with a deep awareness that God is working His purposes out in untold and wise ways yet to be revealed. 

This personal anthology will especially appeal to carers like Hilary who are prone to exhaustion and despair; or indeed anyone facing a crisis who cannot yet see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Whilst Hilary is inspired to write from the perspective of a carer, he husband Peter has authored poems from his perspective, the cared for, having struggled with many years of ill health following diagnosis of a pituitary tumour in 1972. Between the two we gain a unique insight into the two sides of this relationship.