Jesus Joy Publishing

All the Colours of Humanity

Author: Chrissy Absalom

All people, including those of African Caribbean descent, can achieve and do well despite the hurtful and horrible history of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

This trade forcibly enslaved millions of African Americans, and alongside the racism that still exists today, generations are emotionally and psychologically scarred to varying degrees. Despite this atrocity, we must not allow this tragedy, nor the current racial challenges, to continue to scar us or hold us back. We need to heal and continue to fulfil greatness.

‘All the Colours of Humanity’ seeks to emphasise that all the races within our diverse world are equally important. All colours have a place in the world, all colours can achieve and reach their full potential, and all colours have rights to opportunity and equality. Skin colour difference does not matter. The diversity of humanity is a beautiful sight to behold. We should respect and embrace all the colours.