Jesus Joy Publishing

Are You Listening?

Author: Carole Crossley

I Know, My child, that you cannot imagine how much I love you! 
My love is beyond your understanding.

Let Me into your life and trust Me with your will. 
I can change the course of your life, if you surrender to Me.

Let Me channel your personality, and your secret desires, into a new mould that will allow you to become aligned with My plan for you. 
Trust Me and allow Me to reveal Myself to you!

‘Are You Listening?’ has been birthed out of a lifetime of searching for God from her Christian upbringing to the recent years of struggling to come to terms with her husband’s declining health. The book reflects the inner turmoil felt by the author in the midst of this ‘dark night of the soul’. Her readers will be able to relate to this from their own inner struggles. 
The resounding replies to her pleas are poignantly captured in the unique format of this devotional where God speaks directly to her in words which bring light into the darkness.