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First Things First

First Things First

Author: Pastor T.A.Segbedji

All followers of Christ want their lives to count for eternity, starting in the here and now. I’s all too easy to get side-tracked and overwhelmed by the demands of this world. This pocket-sized gem focuses the mind on how to begin. Once you begin by ensuring the proper foundation, everything else is sure to fall into place.
The book highlights three keys:

The importance of right priorities ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God’
The importance of singular focus
The importance of going the extra mile.

This book does not dish up the usual fodder from the motivational/self-help industry. It stresses the right, biblical attitudes to underpin the right steps towards progress in the kingdom of God, for example:

Trusting God and not worrying
Magnifying the major not the minor
Recognising that you are special in God’s eyes

These timeless principles are all based on Jesus’ instructions in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6: 25-33).