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The Ark The Flood and The Rainbow

The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow

Author: Isaac Benjamin-Nyarko

The story of Noah’s flood is commonly known throughout the world. However, our focus is all too often on a boat, rain and the animals and in so doing, we miss the deeper meanings and message of this remarkable account of God’s Salvation.
In The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow, Isaac challenges us to look again and look more closely at the Biblical text to understand what God is trying to tell us. The world has taken the story of Noah for granted and watered it down for too long. In fact, it is often perceived as a man-made story for children. However, Isaac dares to challenge and remove the stigma about The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow in order to unveil the Divine truth which has been misunderstood for centuries.
This book will take you on a journey to realisation and enlightenment about the will of God, the love of God and the power of God.