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The Art of Servanthood - Discipleship

Author: Isaac Benjamin Nyarko

If you hold up a glass under a tap and the tap yields only drops of water, the glass will eventually become full. Because of the wait, you will cherish it more. If the tap rapidly runs full of water, then there is a possibility that, it could overflow over the glass too quickly and go to waste. The reason for this is that, if the tap runs at an appropriate speed, then the flow of water can be monitored. This also means that impurities in the water can be spotted and removed in time. If the water runs too fast, then it will be difficult to monitor and control.

When something is out of control, it often leaves little room for improvement, especially when it happens without warning. Likewise, Pharaoh’s dream was like looking through the glass of water, because he saw the catastrophe in advance, and through Joseph’s advice, he was able to keep things under control. This helped the nation of Egypt to live in peace and abundance during the occurrence of the great famine. It is imperative to keep track of, and control the flow of issues in your life. Learn to identify what is pertinent and what is not. The unwanted crumbs in your life may one day be your most precious treasure.

In his first book “The Ark, The Flood and The Rainbow” Isaac gave us a deep insight into the significance of God’s relationship with Noah and the rest of the world. This time, Isaac is leading us into the relevance of genuine Christian conduct and true leadership. This dynamic Man of God dares to challenge the ways of the world with the doctrines of Jesus Christ, so that we will capture the importance of God’s principles and the powerful legacy that Christ left behind. The Art of Servanthood part one: Discipleship, has the potential to lead you out of the darkness of the world and into God’s marvellous light. God bless you.