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Whose Report will you belive

Whose Report Will You Believe? -free yourself from mental bondage

Author: HannaH

In her inspirational and moving debut book, HannaH speaks of a love which can transform the most broken and desperate individual into a strong and positive force for good. This book will appeal to the broken-hearted and tormented individuals who struggle with haunting memories and yearn to be set free from mental bondage.
Let’s Talk…
If you are a person who has never suffered any form of trauma, then you won’t need to continue reading this book. If you are a person who has never at some point in your life felt low or desperate for guidance, then this book will only be wasting your time.
If you are a person who has never felt lonely and isolated, or afraid and rejected, you can pretty much close this book. But if the truth be told, every single person who has ever lived and every single person yet to live, will go through challenging moments in their lives known as tests and messes.
These are what produce ‘Test – I – monies’ and ‘Mess – ages’.
Now don’t continue to read this book and think it’s just another self-help book, where I’m going to try to convince you to carry out tried and tested strategies on yourself. If that is the case, you would be wrong. This book is about how I experienced the tests and caused some big messes in my life. But thanks to God’s saving grace, I am a new person striving for better. This book will tell you how I overcame these obstacles, so you can have the same chances I have had along with the joy and peace of freedom.
In this book I would like to present you with two contrasting reports – the world’s perspective and God’s Word. You will see how they failed or supported me in my journey to get to where I am today. I am sharing these so you can choose which report to believe, and how to apply it to your own life.
At the end each report, you are encouraged to think about how you can apply God’s report to support your journey to a positive and purpose-filled life.